Every Child Is A Radical is a children's book manuscript

Every Child is a Radical is kid-inspired encyclopedic romp through the whole shebang of being alive. In looking for principled books for my children I was surprised by a conspicuous absence of secular ethical considerations and an often patronizing lack of substance and beauty. Inspired to fill the gap I’ve written Every Child is a Radical.

Part One reflects on evolution, ethics, and children as radicals. Part Two examines family, emotions, consent, and prejudice against children, while Part Three reflects on racism, gender and colonization. Part Four tackles our extractive and consumerist culture. Part Five discusses democracy and the lack of children’s voices, civic engagement, work and wealth—asking children to imagine what truly enriches a life and celebrate children’s activism. Finally, Part Six ponders religion, death, war and compassion.  


Here's an excerpt:




We all share this big blue planet

and everyone of us lives here.

What happens in one place 

affects us all 

not just who’s near. 


Pollution is the process

of making land, water, and air

dirty and unsafe.

We gotta be aware

for our own survival’s sake

cause we breathe that dirty air

and clean water is at stake.


There is pesticides from farms

and toxic products in our homes

toxins used to grow our lawns

and all the problems that this spawns.

Like the rain washing it to rivers

which then creates these big dead-zones

where fish die off asphyxiated

and other problems are well known.


Food grows on contaminated soil

the whole thing is a disgrace

cause mother nature is in turmoil

from so many of our mistakes.


The USA throws so much trash away

around 5 pounds, per person, a day!

It’s way past time to reconsider

just how much our trash does weigh.


Landfills give off lots of gas

that pollute our biosphere.

If we lined up trucks with all our trash

they’d reach the moon in just a year!


We’re dumping toxins everywhere

with smoke from cars and trains

factories, waste incinerators

boats, homes, and airplanes.


Pollution and human activities release 

heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere

they’re called greenhouse gases

and the effect is severe.


Many species of plants and animals

now struggle to adapt 

to a non-compatible reality 

in a messed up habitat.


There are stronger storms, 

big floods and droughts

Food and water suffers

(and still some try to doubt.)


Grown-ups should be embarrassed 

for wreaking such havoc.

Kids shouldn’t have to inherit

a broken-down planet.


Little changes in habits are easy to do

like make less trash, recycle

and compost our food

save water and energy 

and bike to our schools.


But the biggest need

is to take part and care

about how laws are made

and what money goes where.


Youth voices worldwide 

are already uniting

to demand that their governments

protect the land they’re presiding.


Governments know that pollution 

causes climate change

but they’ve failed to take real action 

and pass laws to rein it in.


I can’t understand this lack of morality

cause who works in governments?

Humans with kids and families!

I’m sure they all care 

about this calamity.

But maybe when lot’s of money can be made

do people lose their humanity?


Many grown-ups’ relationship to nature

has been a toxic clear-cut mess

a one-sided, uncaring

and greedy excess.


But that relationship can be restored

and with your help it’ll be a success.

We’ll seek a healthy future for all

and not settle for any less.


As we all pitch in and make more efforts

we can watch it all add up together.

A tower of love that resists all weather

our caring acts make this world better.