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Every Child Is A Radical is a children's book manuscript

Every Child is a Radical is kid-inspired encyclopedic romp through the whole shebang of being alive. In looking for principled books for my children I was surprised by a conspicuous absence of secular ethical considerations and an often patronizing lack of substance and beauty. Inspired to fill the gap I wrote Every Child is a Radical. Part One reflects on evolution, ethics, and children as radicals. Part Two examines family, emotions, consent, and prejudice against children, while Part Three reflects on racism, gender and colonization. Part Four tackles our extractive and consumerist culture. Part Five discusses democracy and the lack of children’s voices, civic engagement, work and wealth—asking children to imagine what truly enriches a life and celebrate children’s activism. Finally, Part Six ponders religion, death, war and compassion.  

Commoner is a full length script 


A multi-cultural speculative throwback future and cross-border love story, Commoner takes place in the Pacific Northwest, now a sovereign nation where technology and a focus on social good foster an egalitarian society. Nayara is an undocumented Latina artist and self-taught software engineer from the USA leaving a perilous situation. She joins the elusive engineers who shape this new nation's central platform, the backbone of a vigorous and transparent social democracy.  USA sanctions escalate, and citizens crossing borders are subjected to criminal penalties. Away from her family, Nayara must decide if she’ll take the risky journey back home.​ Inspired by my own immigration journey Commoner started with a desire to explore what we're willing to give up, and what we might get in return. Having lived most of my life in two very large extractive countries, Commoner was an opportunity to imagine a smaller scale and the creative resilience of people living aware and interconnected.

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